You're probably wondering why you should reach out to me for help selling your home or listing? 

I worked for my Dad's real estate development business since the '90s helping sell and rent properties.  I learned to photograph properties as a way of driving traffic to us more effectively.  That's when I began to help other realtors achieve success. 

I learned that one thing matters:

Technical details, fancy equipment and even the fundemtals of art don't matter nearly as much as having a keen sense of the buyer. My $3,000 Sony Alpha R series Mirrorless DSLR, Canon DSLR, wide angle and many other lenses, lights and artistic teaching matter very little.  I steak my reputation on increasing weekly traffic by 25% or more. This focus brings the biggest impact to selling your property!

I'm not hear to impress based on equipment, meaningless web metrics, or other gimmicks that do little to drive traffic if used ineffectively. The barometer of my success is your success! 

About "me":

I've been shooting at some capacity for over 20 years, but here's my real story...

So, I  used to want to be an architect.  As an architecture major, I started at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  The perfect place to take pictures and design structures. While climbing the Rockies,  (with no training, experience or gear), I had a couple scary slides down the sides of steep rock slopes.  I began to ask myself if I may be in over my head.

That moment changed my life.

I decided to return home and changed schools. I felt like a nobody with nothing impressive to tell anyone in the same old boring city. But, for the first time, I found that having no one to impress meant I could hear my own voice instead of others. I lived the life I always wanted and instead of the Rockies, I'd discovered a  nearly 3 century old city, called Philadelphia with many stories to tell and that I could tell them.  Fast forward...I still love architecture and I'm still holding my camera, so you'll notice a common theme in my images! 

I love helping others with my passion to make really cool things! If you like what you see, keep looking or contact me to build something!

(Still a wannabe mountain climber.)                    

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